Ps audio trade ins

Why doesn’t naim have a similar ethos ?? Always nice to dream I guess

Why should they? You can trade in at the dealer or sell on a healthy secondhand market.


Also wouldn’t be very environmentally friendly chucking out all that beautifully made old gear particularly when this Forum has shown it gives people decades of enjoyment.


Upgrading is expensive and I just thought that this would make things more attractive for future upgrades without the hassle.


It is a very generous trade in full market value I must say
In Britain there are a few who give upgrades off higher value if you go up there chain/models, nva used to do it on speaker cable and interconnects as well as there electronics


Expensive yes it is however I sold nac 202 and nap 200 on usual site got nearly what I paid for them years ago. They were ex demo used money to fund upgrade buyers were mega pleased with their purchase (they were in extremely good condition)

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Did you pay selling fees to said selling site if so did you still get near the original bought price
Some forget about the selling fees

Many years ago, when I still bought Naim ‘new’, I found that quite healthy trade ins were available, from my then Naim dealer.

Much more recently (in the last few months), I again got what I considered a very fair trade in on some Royd speakers, vs newer (but still pre-loved) Kudos X3’s.

YMMV, as always.

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Naim aren’t in a position to offer trade-ins as they are a manufacturer, not a retailer. Try asking a dealer.

Yes I deducted selling fees from price so very close to original price paid for ex demo. Taking into account price rises over years of ownership

When I sold my 20 year old NAC102, I got a little under half the price I paid, which I thought was great because it then allowed me to buy a same age NAC82 for half the price it originally sold for. Amazed as the improvement for the little cost upgrade.


IIRC, don’t PS Audio sell direct in the US, so no dealers?

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your right Richard , it’s direct , I guess they are cutting out the dealer .

I can imagine much comes down to the margin they have in the product. I used to work in the motor trade and know a bit about how margins and PX values work.

  1. The second hand item has a true ‘trade’ value that most people in the know would value it at to cover repairs/cost of holding stock etc. if they were to retail said PX - or just trade it out - they would get that price from someone else in the trade who was prepared to retail it.
  2. The actual P/X value offered to customers (after negotiating etc.) would be the trade/stand in value (SIV) + an amount of the margin from the new vehicle (alternatively a cash discount if no p/x) to make the deal look better. Ultimately it was the balance to change that really mattered but if people felt better by getting a higher price for their P/X then great.

I know the car and HiFi markets are not the same thing but I imagine that there are parallels - both involve high-value purchases and an anticipated residual value. One could argue that the risk of buying a ‘duffer’ for both trader and customer is much greater with cars than HiFi.

Applying the same logic to HiFi for a minute, there is no-way that PS audio (or one of their dealers) think that an older Denon Receiver is worth its original retail. Let’s say it is actually worth $600 trade with a retail value of $850-900 on a good day. The remaining $1,900 that is being ‘offered’ is coming out of the retail margin of the new PS Audio unit. Now if PS Audio routinely discounts this model by circa $2,000 without a PX then the deal is no better than normal, except the hassle of selling the Denon is not the customers. However, if they don’t, then happy days from the customer’s perspective. Now a canny/unscrupulous customer may buy a used unit for $700 and waltz into PS Audio expecting $2,500 for said item against the new PS product - this is why these deals usually require proof of the original price paid by the customer in the form of an invoice.

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Just a nice ethos that they offer, it would have made naims higher range more in reach for a guy like me. I understand I can sell on eBay or trade in, but I would still lose a fair amount of my hard earned money. Your lucky to get close to what you payed , if naim did what ps did, I’d be outside the dealer tomorrow with my mask getting an ndx2 :grin:.

I’d have to sell 964 sticky toffee puddings to get an ndx2. That’s a lot of sticky toffee pudding on a takeway :laughing::laughing:

Also wouldn’t be very environmentally friendly chucking out all that beautifully made old gear particularly when this Forum has shown it gives people decades of enjoyment.*

FWIW, they don’t throw it away but turn it over to The Music Room in nearby Erie, Colorado and their substantial store on the usual auction site. They are a Naim dealer (and Chord, Rega, Harbeth, etc.). I have no affiliation or experience with them.

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So to give you an idea on dealer trade ins , one dealer would offer me for a qute 2 , dac v1 and a Naim dac £1700 . So just to let you all know that I’m getting a good deal :rofl::rofl:

I certainly don’t want to be advising you on what is a good deal or not (that is a subjective thing that varies from person to person) and I don’t claim to know what % margins Naim dealers have in new Naim products or audio dealers in general have. I imagine it is probably more than the 10% front end margin we had selling Mazdas…

However I took the liberty of looking up the values of recent sold items on eBay. I ignored anomalies where the price was ridiculously low but found the following:

  1. Unitiqute 2 - tend to go for between £700-£800.
  2. DAC V1 - circa £650 - £750 used - quick GS shows Peter Tyson doing End of line brand new for £899.
  3. N-DAC - circa £1,000 - PT doing end of line brand new for £1,900.
    Obviously I don’t know the age, condition etc. of your items.

So, and this is conjecture on my behalf, the £1700 you have been offered for all three could actually be split trade wise as:
Unitique 2 £500
DAC V1 £500
nDac £700.

So I suppose you could compare those prices with the sold prices from both private sales/dealers listed on eBay and bear in mind any margin you would reasonably expect a dealer to put across each item bearing in mind that have to take on repair risk of a used item, pay staff and overheads and have to make a living. What I don’t know is whether the dealer is using margin out of new item to boost your combined PX value.

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