PS555 with the new classic series

Looking at the new NSS333 as a possible upgrade from my current NAC N 272 and using the 272 as a temporary preamp until funds allow to get a dedicated preamp. Would I be able to use my PS555 with the NSS333 or is the new classic series only compatible with the new power supply?

The 555ps works with the 222 with these cables:

  1. Lead Assembly, Burndy, 555PS to New Classic, Digital - 19 Way Single to 23 Way Burndy Cable 00-010-0242
    Lead Assembly, Burndy, 555PS to New Classic, Analogue - 19 Way Single to 12 Way Burndy Cable 00-010-0243

I’m not aware if Naim have published compatibility with the 300 series components yet; one would assume the same as above would connect the 555ps to the 333.

Won’t it be better to wait and know how this 333 with 300 ps compares to Ndx2/555 dr?


The leads are available - but I do not think they are cheap… :thinking:

So… factor in the cost of these special cables to any proposed upgrade like this. And remember that their usage is rather specific, should they later become surplus. (This will likely apply to any situation where NC units are intermixed with Black/Classic or earlier units.)

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£529 for the set.

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My thinking is that if I’m going to upgrade from the NAC N272 I would rather take the unit with the latest technology, especially as streaming technology moves forwards in leaps and bounds unlike analogue technology. I already have the PS555DR and would expect this to be at least on par with the 300PS and, if not, a potential future upgrade and not need to get both units at the same time. However, I will look to get a demo of the three system combinations 1. 333/300, 2. 333/555, 3. NDX2/555 and decide which to take to a home demo. I will need to take into account the additional £529 cost of the Burndy cables into any decision.


the demo you want to have is a very good idea. Let us know after what source of the three you found the best . We are a lot to be curious.

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That… is the correct answer… :sunglasses:

@frenchrooster is right - lots of us want to know the result you get.


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