PS555DR incoming

After four years listening to NDX2 bare (and loving it), I’ll be upgrading with PS555DR in January.

I’ve heard the combination once in a shop demo and I was absolutely blown away by the difference. What hit me hardest in the shop demo was the attack and release so clear on every instrument, whereas bare this is a bit blurred.

For those who jumped from bare NDX2 to PS555DR, am I in for a real treat? What were the initial improvements you noticed?


congrats. Start saving for an ND555. It took me three weeks with a 555PS into NDX2 before it started nagging: how much better would the PS be hooked up on a ND555.
Enjoy as long as You can😬

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No, I’ll be done with this upgrade. Very happy to remain where I am now.

I think you have already heard the difference……it is a big upgrade imo.

I’m sure many people here have had some moments like this when they’re thinking like you’re thinking now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No idea what you talk about :man_shrugging: :money_with_wings:

As you say there is more clarity. But I found also that there is better and more controlled bass, improved sound-staging, and better resolution. My wife and I were both astonished at the change, and she is not a hi-fi person. Just more of everything - and that was going from an XPS DR - and above all more engagement and musicality.

It is a really worthwhile upgrade despite the cost and brings out the very best in the marvellous NDX2. Enjoy it when it arrives and after it is burned in (6 weeks or so in my experience) let us know how you’re getting on with it.


Same impact on the 272, when replaced the XPS DR to 555 DR. Should have gone for the 555 first, without the interim step via XPS.


One of the best upgrades you can do. Congrats!

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You are in for a treat… excellent…I have always found front end improvements always give allot of enjoyment…

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I went from XPS to 555DR on my CDS3 and it was just a darker, richer musical experience.




Just this week received my 555DR replacing my XPSDR on my CDS3, burning in but I feel a greater sense of weight to the music, loved the sound before, love it even more now!

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