PS555DR to NAC-N272, but... wrong Burndy?

Hi folks,

I have just received a PS555DR, pre-loved, and it came with a pre-loved Burndy as well.

It’s goal here is to power my NAC-N272, but I seem to have a problem with that.

I connect the 555DR to the 272, and removing the power from the 272.
Connection to mu NAP250DR stays as-is.

Now, when I power the 555DR, the 272 immediately boots up. Everything seems to work fine, but … no sound.

Could it be that the Burndy is wrong? It has 10 copper pins. (See picture)

Remove the 555DR, and everything’s back to normal.

My hypothesis is that they’ve sent me the wrong one, and it powers the NAC-N272 streamer, but not the preamp section.

Or am I missing something else?
What are your thoughts?

That is the wrong burndy. It must be the S-XPS.

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Arghhhh. Now the waiting will even be more painful.

I think I’ll just hide this new black box…

Thanks for your confirmation, much appreciated.

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