Pull out volume/balance dail for dust removal (Naim 2013 to present series)

I’ve read many topics about how to clean you (pre-)amplifier etc. But is it possible to remove the dails for dust removal for example from your Supernait 2/3? Because the present Naim series has a led bulb inside the volume/balance dail.

Thanks in advanced.

I’d leave them in place - just use a small manual blower or compressed air duster can to blow any dust out if it concerns you.

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What a coincidence - just this weekend I was cleaning the worst of the dust off my system and, for the first time ever, I popped the volume knob off my 202 to give it a clean. It was very fiddly (two thin wires, presumably to power the LED came with it) and dusting it was a very challenging experience. It wasn’t even particularly grubby.

In short, I couldn’t recommend the experience. Save yourself a lot of faff and leave it be.


A clean house means a clean hifi. Get out that duster and the vacuum cleaner. There’s no need to pull your knob off.


As long as to not be too extreme and at a low setting, one is best off using a long horse hair brush attachment that comes supplied with a Henry hoover. It will get every single bit of dust out of every nook & cranny in seconds. Just avoid loudspeaker ports at all costs!

Thanks Stephen, that’s a good tip on the Henry’s brush.

I just use a soft clean paint brush for my knobs. It’s also good to brush dust from speaker grills etc.


Ostrich feather duster(telescopic) is also ver good,thin shaft and obviously very light on the kit,even cables can be kept clean without any disturbance to connections.

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