Pull the trigger on 555PS

just had a demo 555 ps. vs xps. was a big step up. 3k seems a no brainer.


Did the same upgrade
Found music more organic.
Now into 552/500, but same source (ndx2/555ps) into 52/135s was also able to show the improvement that the 555ps brought compared to xps (both DR).
Is yours DR?

yup DR, when you are sitting there it becomes very clear.

inflation proof! done

My experience with the XPSDR is it is a nice upgrade but the the 555PSDR is a massively better value.

that is what i heard today. done. 6 months. bring it.

3k is expensive for a better step.

exactly, but when you hear it , it doesn’t matter.

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Go for it! We just did.

I upgraded my XPS2 to 555DR, several years ago, the music is just richer, darker, more textures, classical music in particular is much more rewarding. As with all the hifi I use it every day quite often for several hours so in my opinion massive value.

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Its like anything, if you can afford it now and afford it over the coming months with all
the living cost increases, then of course go for it.
Work hard, play hard.

Beware! I did the same upgrade a couple of months ago. Today my ND555 arrived. 555PS just opens another upgrade route.


Can I at least get my NDX2 racked and powered up first :joy::joy::joy:

Massive difference in sound from the xps dr
Amazing power supply

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