Pulled the trigger on an ND5XS2

Great read.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts to date. Keep the updates coming…

You’re maybe at the point where differences (in SQ) between vinyl source and streaming source might be opening up?

From your picture, looks like you’re into vinyl…

What cartridge is in use - looks like you are using the very capable Rega Exact? The RP6 will happily cope with Ania or even Ania Pro, to reveal a little more music. Changing to a NEO PSU is a surprisingly good upgrade. Also, the Rega Aria phono stage offers musical gains too.

Having followed a similar path, (with both an nDAC and a RP6) can safely expect that you will eventually start to compare and contrast your two main sources. Have fun.

Lastly, I’ve been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac this last week or so. Brilliant music. RIP CMcV

Hope you’re enjoying the music.
Good luck.


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Oh I still love trance etc…I just focused on it for too long and now I’m actually happy to be pulled back into real instrumental music. I do stuff till I get sick of it then go do something else…only to come back much later.


I’m so poor I can’t pay attention now after the ND5XS2…the XS is still singing!

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Well I did vinyl for three years straight…its an Exact cartridge and its worn out now…I wasn’t willing to buy a new cartridge as I listened to so much vinyl.

It took me about two years to get my vinyl right and it was exhausting. I got a 10 year old Loricraft vinyl machine and went to town with $0.99 records and had a great time. But alas I grew weary of it.

My digital is pretty good now, maybe better than the vinyl but I find that I’ve been listening too loud…yep too loud. Now that I have the ND5XS2 I hear a new quality coming out at low volumes which I never heard before so I am thinking that I may for the first time be hearing the quality I was aiming for coming out of Digital.

It will be some time before I go back to vinyl and raise the bar there, right now I’m focusing on digital and getting amazing results!



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How are you getting on with your new streamer?

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Congratulations on the ND5XS2, looks like you are enjoying it.

I started my streaming journey approx 10 years ago with a ND5XS, it transformed the way I listened to and purchased music. A fantastic streamer imo. I would imagine its replacement sounds very good indeed.

Try and demo a SN3 if you can. I ran my ND with a SN2 for 2-3 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. I could have easily stayed there if I had to.

Enjoy the evolving system :grin: :notes: :+1:


Good, I think I ran out of music breaking this one in…I may need to take a break…the nDAC and ND5XS2 came in quick succession.


I’ll have to wait a bit for SN3 but that is the idea…some day. The XS is still holding its own since two source upgrades have made it stand taller.


Just enjoy what you already have and make sure you get plenty of play/listening time :grin:


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