Pulled the trigger on recapped nDAC

Well I will finally have a 100% Naim system from source to speaker…so I will finally hear it!

Not a cheap purchase even used, but it was fully recapped professionally so I hope it will be good.

What’s the best power supply for it? I think there are 3 options.

System will now be:

nDAC → Nait XS + HiCAP → Naca5 → Naim Credo
Rega RP6 → Naim Stageline → Nait XS + HiCAP → Naca5 → Naim Credo

Next step may be to turn in XS, HiCAP, and Stageline for a SuperNAIT 3.


I would enjoy it on its own for a bit before considering adding a power supply. It’s extremely capable on its own, but my own feeling is that the power supply that’s really worthwhile with the Naim DAC is the 555PS.


Sure and I’d need some burn-in time since its recapped yes?

Yes, very likely so.

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Agreed with Richard; enjoy your system as-is!

Small remark: the SuperNait 3 can be upgraded with a HiCap - since you’ve this one already, I suggest not to trade that one :wink:

I think there is a better PS for the SNAIT3 isn’t there?

Also my HiCap is probably ready for refurbishing…probably the XS too. :frowning:

I tell you this system has put out some good music and with OPPO some incredible movies! The XS is unbelievable if you like soft and warm.

A HICAP would probably be great, a HICAP DR better still. However, if it’s past its best and in need of a service then this can dramatically lower performance making things sound slow, laboured and engaging.

Better than a Hicap would mean a Supercap. It would certainly work, but at that price you might want to reconsider whether a Supernait is the best option for you compared to separates.

One goal here is to simplify but…tradeoffs.

There’s also the option of recapping the XS and upgrading my HiCAP into a refurbished HiCAP DR…

Alas I would be without audio for awhile. :frowning:

Perhaps trade in the Nait, Hicap and Stageline for a SN3. Then you won’t be without music.
You can always add a HicapDR later, almost certainly best to buy rather than upgrade an old one to DR which is prohibitively expensive.

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How about:

nDAC + SN3 + Recapped Chrome Bumper HiCAP?

The benefits of a Hicap on a Supernait are subjective, some prefer it, others do not. If you like what it does I’m sure an older serviced Hicap would be fine, but a HicapDR would be better. Still, you’ll never know what suits your personal taste unless you listen to it.

Yeah I’m finally getting an nDAC after 5 years, and I’ve used a Rega DAC. My fear is I spent a lot of money and won’t be able to hear improvement…hehe.

I’ve heard all these horror stories about people that upgraded multiple times and never found a sound as sweet as their first. This XS setup has been marvelous.

Then maybe you should keep the XS. Put the money you save in your piggy bank until you can afford a 555PS!

I just saw the price on the 555PS…cough

I’ve always been too poor for Naim and used second hand stuff…

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Well, you’re in luck, as some here reckon the earlier 555PS (not DR) is optimal with the Naim DAC, so secondhand is possibly the smart way to go here, and you save a bundle too.


I live on the Naim scraps of the rich… :smiley:


Yes, it’s a lot of money by any standards. As Richard says, the non-DR version is preferred by some, possibly because this was the current model when the NDAC was developed.
In the meantime I think the bare NDAC still sounds great, I could happily live with it without a PSU upgrade.

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Oh yes, even on its own the Naim DAC is a wonderful performing bit of kit (but do try a Naim Hiline and a Powerline on it…).


Well it sounds good!

The low end has improved substantially and instruments are more real sounding, also the soundstage has more depth and easier to position the musicians.

Bass notes are longer, and there is some new high end clarity and “effects” that gleam in your ear that I never heard before in the songs.

It’s a solid change, and also the real high notes are more polished and not as painful on the ear.