Pulling It All Apart

I’m thinking it may be time to disconnect all my kit (a lot of boxes!), pull all the plugs out, give everything a good dusting, re-dress the cables etc, as I haven’t moved anything around for several years. Have others found this to be beneficial? Does Naim recommend doing this? I’d be interested in people’s experiences…

Just the physical unplugging and reconnecting a few times will remove build up of oxidation on connecting pins. Should sound better, and all that dust removed, will make you feel you have done something positive. It may take a few hours or more to come back on song due to the power being off. If you use the Naim Fraim, well worth taking apart and retightening etc. Have fun, but don,t rush it👍


Yes, do it and you may well find your system gets a new lease of life.

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Yes, it’s good practice to do this every now and then. I try to do a system rebuild every 6 months, although now I think about it, it’s been at least a year. Which reminds me…

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:small_blue_diamond:Richard,…:grin: How good intentions you still have,.you sometimes forget how fast the time passes.
It’s the same for me :wink:.

:black_small_square:@mjkent,…It requires time and commitment to keep your music-system on top-level.
But it’s worth the effort when you hear the results.
Something that Richard also mention in his post.


As you have a lot of boxes, it could be worth making a diagram of the connections and cables and putting a sticker on said cables. So your less likely to need help when something’s not right later when you reconnect it all back up.

I do a complete strip down, deep clean (dust, wipe over with Astonish Glass & Tile (now I see its Window & Glass) & wood polish) everything, once a year. This obviously includes removing & refitting cable plugs & that includes the cleaning action.
! also get requested to pull out the boxes (& all the furniture) to be sure ‘we’ are safe from possible over wintering spiders, thats my prompt to remove & refit all the cable plugs.
Not sure it sounds better, but it feels better when its done.

I had not done a tear down / rebuild, and when I got some new components and more Fraim levels, I took it all apart. Interestingly, many of the bits of the Fraim were quite loose. So this leads me to believe that at least once a year is probably a good idea. I also had some odd oxidation on one of the Fraim bits, so it gave me a chance to polish it off.

Whenever I rebuild my Fraim connections are always tight, never loosen. Wonder why? I don’t over tighten

My example was only my first rebuild. Maybe the next time they’ll still be tight??

Maybe your listening room has a temperate climate. I have read that a wide range of temperature and humidity can be an issue.

Would think environmental factors probably correct- though I’m in New York and we have hot, humid summers. I use air conditioning but I don’t keep house that cool.
When I take apart system I’m always a little disappointed that I won’t get the improvement one would expect if Fraim were too loose- crazy, I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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