Purchase advice request

Hi all
I am looking at putting the following together and ask your advice if this is ideal or can be improved upon in terms of bang for buck:

NAC272 with NAP250DR, B&W703 or Project X2

Many thanks

That’s looks like a well balanced setup. Is your main source streaming or vinyl as you may want to focus your budget more towards one of the sources if this is what you mainly use ? Remember that you’ll need a phono stage too between the 272 and X2 so you’ll need to budget for that. Have you listened to the combination you propose ?

Hi Falco
What digital music sources do you plan to use? The 272 is based on streaming tech that was developed around 2008 and has its limitations, which will only make themselves more apparent in future.
If you want to stream only from your own NAS music storage over a wired Ethernet connection it may suit you very well. If you’re hoping to use it for a variety of online music services, you might consider some more recent alternatives.

Make sure you can give the b&w’s sufficient space behind and next to them.

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I have the 702’s, can definitely recommend so would think the 703’s should be good. I would advise against the 272 for the reasons already mentioned by ChrisSU. For streaming get something more current, technology moves fast. Depending on your needs, perhaps consider a NAC 202 and ND5 XS 2?

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I have purchased a 250DR, 202, ND5XS2, KEFR7 speakers, Project X2 phono. Reading previous messages ref 250DR with 202, I want to be clear on what I need not to complete the power supply and cabling. Thanks

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You will need a Hicap to power the 202. Naim supply the cables you need in the box, so you shouldn’t need to buy any (apart from speaker cables) although these are often lost if you buy them second hand.

Also worth considering adding a napsc to the 202.

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