Purchase advice sought; SuperUniti

About to pull the trigger on gently used SU. Serial Number is 3264xx. Good household, well cared for, everything working, incl. display. Comes with original box and everything else originally in it.
Any questions I should ask? Possible issues (I know about the display)?

I’m not sure at what serial number the SU was changed to include Bluetooth. If that’s important you may want to check. Other than that it stayed the same during its production run.

If you know the last 2 digits of the serial number, then a quick serial number lookup at the factory and you will learn its history plus if its the bluetooth model.

Thank You! Definitely has no Bluetooth, which is perfectly fine by me.

That’s ok then. So long as the price is right, go for it. It’s a super thing, as its name suggests.

Great. I do have the last two digits. How do I go about that? Online? EMail?

EUR 1000, or about GBP 900.

That’s a very good price, in fact a bit of a bargain. You already know it’s not Bluetooth so as long as you are sure it’s not a stolen item there is little reason to contact Naim about it.

Understood. Not stolen, comes with original dealer invoice and receipt.

All is therefore good.

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Purchased. Awaiting delivery.


You have to phone or email Naim Support.

You can look up when it was built on the Naim website though. And for anyone else reading this, the way to tell whether it has Bluetooth is to see whether besides the WiFi antenna socket on the back panel, there should be a similar but smaller socket for the Bluetooth Antenna, not to be confused though with the F connector for the FM/DAB module.



Thanks. Mine’s from 2012.

I’ve had a SuperUniti since 2011. I’m still using it as a pre-amp (having bought an NDX2 and 250DR this year). It’s been great - as a single box solution, it sounds fantastic (and definitely takes up less space than my current configuration)

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Can‘t wait. Will share impressions!

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