Purchased a Nap-300 today

amzingggggggggg!lol upgraded from a 250dr to a 300dr, been running 6 hours.

what a top bit of kit


Jawdropping amp. Was for me, going from a 250DR. Glad it has the same effect on you!


i have been on the fence for ages but im really glad i did. I knew it would be better but its surprised me. im thinking it will take a few weeks to run in and settle down but my system is already sounding wicked

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It’s an awesome amp, much better than 250DR.


Its a fantastic amp whether DR’d or not even my old 300 none DR was a marked improvement over the 250DR it replaced.

Loved my 300. A gentle giant.

I’m 5 days into using mine, absolutely loving what it’s done for my Kanta 3’s. Bass texture and control are a big step up from the supernait 3 I’ve been using. Seems quite special at rendering female voices as well. Having to use SN as pre until I can swap it out for a 282 so I know there’s lots more to come.


But? :smile:

im using Sopra 1’s, they are awesome with a 250 but 300 seems to be another level already. really chuffed

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No buts. The 300 is a masterpiece in its own right


@Damien0 Congrats! An amazing amp for sure. Enjoy it!

Congratulations and enjoy!

Don’t really think I’ve seen many if any adverse comments about the NAP300 or NAP300DR.

I managed to home demo one a few years ago and it was probably the biggest upgrade I’d heard in years.

Problem was I had an active SBL setup with 2 x olive NAP250 and and old NAXO which would not have allowed me to mix and match power amps without imbalance/huge costs for 2 - hoping that at some point in the future the SNAXO 242 I got last year will give me better options.

I think the NAP300DR passive was better than the active setup with the olive NAP250s.


thank you mate

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Well done enjoy!!!

its brilliant so far, thank you

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I’m using Sopra 1s too and a 300DR is next on my upgrade list.

I went from a 250 DR to a 300 DR in 2019. The 250DR is a very fine amp, but it’s just not in the same league the 300DR punches in. I really didn’t appreciate what my speakers are capable of until I had a 300Dr driving them, and I mostly listen at low to moderate volumes.

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I’m trying not to be envious. 300DR would be my end game power amp, but since that’s two rather large leaps from my non-DR 200, I’m not counting the days!


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Do you still have the 202 Mark?

I was in a similar boat until I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Was thinking I was years away from power amp end-game but the release of the new classics has unexpectedly but very happily benefitted me. Though my wallet is still battered and bruised from the experience my ears have been delighted.