Pure Evoke H4 or H6

I would like a bigger and fuller-sounding radio for the kitchen, and am currently weighing up the Pure Evoke H4 and H6, but I’m surprised that the larger, 20W, heavier and stereo H6 seems to be noticeably cheaper (at John Lewis, for example) than the smaller, 10W, lighter and mono H4.

Has anyone experience of comparing these two? Is there a downside to the H6 that I haven’t spotted and that would justify spending extra on the H4?



Mark - not sure of your budget but If you stray from the Pure route, I can highly recommended the Ruark R1. It doesn’t have the colour display of the Pure, but SQ (for a smallish DAB/FM radio) is very good.


plus 1

I have a Pure Evoke H4 and I have to say I was a little disappointed with it. It is certainly fuller and warmer than the average tranny but for me only really sounds ok in fairly open space but near walls or corners sounds a bit dull and muffled to me.

Also, last time I checked it wasn’t possible to get a battery back from Pure for it which means it must always be plugged in which may or may not be an issue for you. There are some third party batteries on Amazon which have mixed reviews.

Another vote for the Ruark and you can add a battery pack if you wish.
I have owned one for 7-8 years and it’s never put a foot wrong. I have never been impressed with Pure, although I’ve not heard their latest models.

I have an earlier version of the Pure Evoke (in kitchen) and of the Ruark R1 (on bedside cabinet) and much prefer the latter for SQ. My version of the Ruark is the Mk 3. I think the one in James’ picture is the Mk 4, but there’s still the odd Mk 3 around at a fair saving if that matters to you.


Thanks, all. For more context, whatever I get will be via a rewards website that I get points for when I do my listening diaries for RAJAR. They don’t do Ruarks, so that’s off the menu, no matter how good it might be.

Any ideas on reasons for the price differential between the H4 and H6?


I went for an H6 in Oak which sounds immeasurably better than the tinny Roberts Play10 it has replaced. It even blends well with our new kitchen:

(with apologies for the sink dominating the photo!)

I can hear what some people describe as the Pure’s slightly rich sound, but in a kitchen with so many hard reflexive surfaces it works well.

The Roberts has been relegated to the bathroom on battery power.


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