Pure sound P10 or stageline

I’ve currently got a P10 as my phono stage from my Project rpm9 into a 202/200 setup
I love the sound don’t get me wrong but I’m wondering if going a full Naim setup would be equal or better. I’d like to think that the stage line could match the p10 then be improved with a PSU

The Pure Sound P10 is a superb phono stage - certainly up there amongst the best for MM. It’s worth spending on some better valves than the standard ones though.

any suggestions valve wise?

Tekefunkens if you can find them and afford them, or else gold legged Philips. Personally I find Mullards a bit too warm and “cuddly”. Of the current lot, JJ Teslas appear most favoured.

i had an early version of one of those and increased the value of the output coupling caps at guy sergeants (designer) recommendation which improved bass response immensely.

IIRC the P10 has quite a high output impedance, part of the price for keeping things nice and simple I guess. This can be a bad match if the input impedance of the pre-amp is too low. Naim pre-amps usually have an input impedance of around 47kOhms, which should be fine though.