Pure sound P10 or stageline

I’ve currently got a P10 as my phono stage from my Project rpm9 into a 202/200 setup
I love the sound don’t get me wrong but I’m wondering if going a full Naim setup would be equal or better. I’d like to think that the stage line could match the p10 then be improved with a PSU

The Pure Sound P10 is a superb phono stage - certainly up there amongst the best for MM. It’s worth spending on some better valves than the standard ones though.


any suggestions valve wise?

Tekefunkens if you can find them and afford them, or else gold legged Philips. Personally I find Mullards a bit too warm and “cuddly”. Of the current lot, JJ Teslas appear most favoured.

i had an early version of one of those and increased the value of the output coupling caps at guy sergeants (designer) recommendation which improved bass response immensely.

IIRC the P10 has quite a high output impedance, part of the price for keeping things nice and simple I guess. This can be a bad match if the input impedance of the pre-amp is too low. Naim pre-amps usually have an input impedance of around 47kOhms, which should be fine though.

Hi, is there a specific type of valve I need? The Philips and Teslas which model name/number should I be looking at?

You say should be OK, is there a better match for the price of the P10

Do you have a schematic for that or does it need to be done by a professional?

Sorry for being a pest. Is there a specific input on the 202 I should use, my P10 goes into the tuner input? I remember my old Meridian 501 had inputs with different gain settings, probably not the same thing.

Tuner input should be fine - it’s normal line level.

I suggest that if you need specific info about the P10, including valves etc… then to make contact with Guy Sergeant through Pure Sound. IIRC it uses an ECC83 and an E88CC (ECC88).

FWIW, I seem to recall that reviewer Paul Messenger uses the P10 with an Audio Note transformer as his preferred phono stage for MC carts, which should give some indication of its potential. Admittedly, the AN transformer is extremely good and very, very expensive…

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i did it myself - its a bit tight tho. if i recall mine had some relatively small film caps (rediidsh brown colour if i recall) and guy suggested upping the value. the circuit attached i think is the revised later one so if your match this then your ok - the 0.22 uf are the coupling caps

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I’ll try and get in touch with him
thanks for the help

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