Puritan Audio - Ground Master


I use a Nana Wiremold L10320 power strip for my Naim SN2 amp.

I heard about

Puritan Audio Groundmaster
Environmental Potentials EP 2750

whats the science behind these ?

How do i know i have a ground noise problem ?

do these actually improve the sound ?

anyone using ?

best regards

this product requires a direct connection to mother earth…

i live in a high floor apartment and i believe many of you owning equipment worth thousands live in such accomodation too…

Having a proper and direct ground is essential to derive the best from your present equipment…


Mpw, have you had your mains tested? Does your mains have a good earth? Where are you located?

The Groundmaster appears to require a you bury your own earthing rod. If you’re living in an apartment, I’m not entirely sure how you’re going to be able to do that.

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@anon93526344 didn’t we go through this before? I feel like there was some story regarding a country home in the Philippines with an outside washing machine polluting the earth. Or was that another user?

Either way, you can get lower earth potentials by having the earthing rods extended. Most that I’ve seen have a male and female end so that you can keep plunging them down deeper and deeper. It may take up to 10x1m rods to get something like 0.2 Ohms. Much also depends on the soil and water content.

Not advised unless you are fully conversant with your properties earthing scheme. Adding an earth rod to a property with an earth scheme that does not have one is potentially dangerous. Adding additional rods to a property that already has such an earthing scheme is OK
But considering the OP has a Supernait-2 & its power earth connection is terminated on the SN2 case, I’m wondering what perfecting the case earth actually does for SQ.

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The Puritan folks reverted back to me and basically said the same thing

cannot possibly run a grounding rod from 11 storeys above to mother earth !!

Location - Mumbai, India ( but good un-interrupted power supply 24 x 7 )

Mains is tested - its good

though living in an apartment block means that there are always going to be disturbances
( audible or perceived ) to the power and hence the search for a ground filter.

There is another company that makes these the Envirionmental Potentials EP2750

but i guess their working principle would be the same too !



thanks !

i dont recall the thread you refer to.

11 storeys up - i have little choice in Mumbai city apartment for a personal grounding rod



valid question

am trying to eliminate ground loops (if any ) to interconnected equipment.

My CDP has a C7 type power socket - for example

generally better earth leads to better sound - thats undisputed …so instead of hot footing after upgrades i figure i might improve these things first and maybe realize the full potential.

Even after an “upgrade” - unless one has proper earth ( thick earth wire and running to ground ) one cannot experience the full performance IMO.

thinks like this can be experienced after one tries it but as Puritan audio said - cannot do anything 11 floors up.


@anon93526344, namaste. I’m not sure I agree with all your aims.

“trying to eliminate ground loops” Ground loops - hum buzz etc - is only associated with signal ground, thats the -ve wire in interconnects in Naim equipment. The power earth, no matter how perfect, will not fix a signal ground loop.

CDP with type C7 (figure 8) power socket means it has no earth & is double insulated. So no earth or ground is purposely incorporated in the design & changing that is not advised.

I agree a good earth is important, however I am not familiar with the power regulations in India so will not comment other than say I’ve looked over the regulations & see a close similarity to the UK regs…India has different earthing arrangements one of which is the TN-C-S system that combines E & N at the property incoming main & that combined E&N cable is earthed (to mother earth) at various points going back to the local area supply transformer.
So it may well be that your apartments power earth does not have its property coupled to earth by an earth rod or plate. I guess that with apartment living you just need to trust the earth is OK & your neighbours are no doing something stupid.


thank you and namaskaar !

I dont know if i feel this but i get

a high pitch sound ( i feel this ) from my speakers in between songs

buzz from my speakers when i charge the laptop ( i will try to plug in the wall socket before playing the music and already put it on charge beforehand - let me see if it makes a difference )

same buzz earlier with GCA - google chromecast Audio - wall wart would irritate the system when plugged in

general feeling that grounding can always be improved - or atleast is desirable much more than an equipment upgrade

These are the thoughts in my mind

I see you are eminently qualified to reply on this topic and i express my thanks for the same.

Yes - the UK regulations and Indian regulations are quite close and logically so.

Maybe i just need to follow your advise and what Puritan audio team say as well - nothing much i can do for now.

best regards

Hi again MPW, I’m not sure I can help to much without actually being at your property. I can suggest a lot of stuff but its all for a qualified electrician to do.
But judging by your post you sure do seem to have something wrong, the noise you get out of your system when the laptop charger & Chromecast SMPS is on is not normal. “Noise” from the SMPS units (the wall warts & similar) is always blamed (sometimes justified & a lot of times unjustified) for causing noise, but the noise normally just spoils the replay sound fidelity & is not normally audible from the system as you seem to have.

Like I said, something is wrong & I suspect its somewhere in your apartments power supply. You said in a previous post that your power supply was good, who said so, you or the property landlord, has it been checked by a qualified electrician or the power company.
Maybe time for an experiment: How many power wall socket circuits (how many power circuit breakers) are in your apartment? if you have more than one, temporally power the audio equipment from the other one, or do you have a power socket on an electric cooker isolator switch. Use an extension lead is OK. Or do the same with a neighbours power sockets. Outside that I am reluctant to suggest anything else as its getting too far into the power supply.

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trying a Metrum Amethyst DAC on home demo- no buzz here…

i put the laptop on charge before i play music


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