Put a Needle on the Record

Couldn’t resist. I am getting a freshly refettled Troika from Goldring, by the man who used to do the rebuilds for Linn.

This gives me an classic LP12/ARO/Troika/Geddon. The front end that was used for the development of the SBLs.

Looking forward to listening to the change from my Dynavector DV20x2.



Cool, will be interested in what you find.


If I got another lp12 that is what I would get

You’re going to be pleased. I had mine rebuilt last year by Goldring and also took the opportunity to upgrade the LP12 to recent spec. It’s taken a few hours to bed in, as at first it was a bit bright but now it’s singing. Enjoy.

It should be interesting. The LP12 has its particular sound signature, that works hand in glove with the SBLs. I spend most of my time listening to my digital front end, which is great, but with some decent vinyl (I will leave you to toy with what that means :wink: ) the sound does deepen and becomes that bit richer.

If I was to complete the historic context perhaps I should think about getting a Naim phono stage.

Get yourself a Prefix. My last Linn was fitted with Aro, Arkiv B, Prefix and Armageddon and was really something.


I upgraded my 72 to a 282 just before Christmas and ordered a Stageline type K not realising quite how long Naim would take to deliver. So finally it arrived and I must say it’s so much better than the the K boards in the 72 and quieter. It fits the Troika like a glove which is hardly surprising as it’s designed for it.

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I owned a Troika when they first came out, fitted to an Ittok. Superb cartridge, enjoy

Can this be true? The Troika was launched the same year as the SBLs (1986) and the ARO was launched 3 years later. Maybe it was the LP12/Ittok/Karma/Geddon (including the Prefix precursor and the modified Ittok mounting collar) that was used.

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Don’t go bursting my bubble with facts! :wink:


Hi yes please love to know how it goes

Been reading the available Troika reviews. Stereophile conclusion includes:

Less bass-rich than the Koetsu Red, less romantically balanced, with a more forward upper-midrange presentation, and not quite as capable of throwing as deep a soundstage, the Troika strikes an excellent balance between the analytical retrieval of fine detail and the preservation of the musical structure supported by that detail.

I am going to be VERY interested to hear how this works with the SBLs.

Over the last few weeks I have been listening to a lot of vinyl. I helped a friend clear his house as he has emigrated to Ireland. In his loft was a box of 150 albums, mainly jazz of various hues, which I have been working my way through. Vinyl works through these speakers that bit better than digital on the whole, and that is with my Dynavector DV20x2. I suspect that the Troika is going to fit that bit better …I hope.


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Well, @PaulDavies mentioning the Karma took me back a few decades. In 1983 when I bought my LP12 I also bought an Ittock/Karma. This went into my 42.5 populated with a pair of ‘K’ boards …which I still have in the loft. This morning I phoned a friend who has a spare phono board box to hand. Need to buy myself a HiCap and I’ll be off and running.

Running this amount of Naim kit I may have to breal out my old hydra!


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So was it “less romantically balanced”?

Stereophile! Lol.

Sounds like a great deck and system.


I’ll get the scales out once the cartridge arrives. It was the more forward upper-midrange in combination with the SBLs that I think may be interesting.

Even with my ‘lowly’ DV20x2 and Ultraphono it produces music. I have a good digital front end and I would say they are on the same level, the winner depends on the music being played.


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