Puzzle for the forum - two sets of speakers

So - here are the pieces in play -

Nait 1

I don’t have to use all of these - will be happy to
Sell/swap some of the gear.

What’s the best way to power two sets of speakers - and not necessarily simultaneously with the bits and bobs I have here?

One set of speakers is for desktop - for meetings - and another set for stereo. Figured I can use the ndx2 Dac for everything - or a cheap dac for the meetings into one of the preamp.

Without knowing where these are located in relation to each other it is hard to say. You said “two sets of speakers” and not “two systems”. Those would be two different questions so taking you at your literal word, I’d do this:

Run an interconnect from the tape/hdd on the 282 to a regular input on the SN3 or Nait1 (whichever you fancy) and then whatever speakers you like. That way, the NDX2 can be the source for both systems.

Nait 1 for the desk; it’s the smallest.
282/hicap/250 for the main system; it’s the best.
Nap 100 needs a preamp so can’t be used, unless from the 282/sn3; but there’s no point doing that.

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How far away from your desk is the main system? Is it in the same room? Without knowing the layout it’s hard to answer your question.
Sending the signal from your computer to the NDX, then back again, seems a bit pointless if it’s just for ‘meetings’. I would consider looking out for a V1 DAC to match your 100 as this will take a USB feed straight from your computer for audio.

I’m confused your profile says ND555/552/500/606s. Presumably that is your main system. That being the case I’d sell all the stuff you list above and buy either a Muso or perhaps Atom and small speakers for your office system. Am I missing something?

All great suggestions.

Yeah - not sure at what point or how exactly all these pieces showed up in my study. Just over time, and too lazy to sell off I guess.

let me think about this ….
I do have a cable that goes from the back of the 282 or SN3 to a headphone amp. I could use that as a preamp into the nap100….
Worth playing around with at least, I guess…

Too bad there is no option for speakers A and B here…

Sell the lot and buy some decent Bluetooth headphones. That way the system moves with you and you can use it for calls and for listening seamlessly.

Funny - that’s exactly what I do when I watch TV. Apple Max headphones and Apple TV

Actually that is the line out from the tape/hdd input/output so unfortunately you can’t do that. It’s not variable output. You’d need another integrated amp (the Nait or SN3) or a preamp to sit between that and a power amp.

If I was you, I’d shelve the whole question. Find the speakers you like best for the desktop system, then assign the most appropriate of the amps you have. Only then ponder what type of cable you need to hook it all up.

I’m confused. Do you mean two pairs of speakers in the same room, one for desktop computer meetings and one for music? If so, just use computer speakers for the meetings and select which system you want for music and sell the rest. For a simple second music system, my pick would be the NDX2 and SN3.

I ended up simply using a Nap100 that I had at home. The 282/HiCapDR is now running ‘bia-amped’ - its got both the 250DR and the Nap100 connected to it.

Depending on what speaker I want to power, I turn on the corresponding amp.


Built in elegant solution. Effectively the same as the Speakers A/B button on many integrated amps.

Sadly, not something easily done with the New Classic range without a special splitter cable as they just have the one balanced output direct from the preamp.

According to Naim staff on here the 222 has independent control of the muting on the balanced and unbalanced outputs ( I assume from the app). A welcome change from the superuniti’s din/rca which isn’t switchable from the app.

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