PXO Crossovers

I am about to go active with my SBL’s, so I unscrewed the PXO from the back of my speakers.
Doing this, I discovered

  1. that the casing became brittle and
  2. that it was labelled NA PXO/1.

So my following questions :

  1. Is it still possible having new housings for the XO
  2. Do the XO’s exist in different versions like with phono cards ?

Thanks for your help
MArco :tophat:

Marco, you’re best off asking your dealer, or else failing that, ask Naim directly as to whether they still have any replacement SBL PXOs in stock.

However, as you’re about to go active, it may not be so important…

Good point Richard !
Active system is hooked up. Letting it warm up before doing the fine-tuning the JV way.
MArco :tophat:

PS : Any idea about different versions of the PXO ?

I might have something in my old notes, but can’t help off the top of my head. If I come across anything, I’ll post. Otherwise try a mail to Naim.

Hi MArco!

I Wish you a good Trip and Succes for your Active Experience :four_leaf_clover:


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My fairly recent SBL xovers still say PXO/1

Great stuff, thanks Keltik. That’ll save me rummaging through old storage boxes…

Thank you Keltik (and Richard as well, of course :wink:).
Marco :tophat:

FYI : PXO’s for the SL2’s have a different denomination.

MArco :tophat:

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