Pylon + Naim?

Hi all,

What’s tour take on Naim in combination with Pylon speakers?

One of the dealers nearby my house is selling a pair of flawless second hands Diamond 28 at a good price. About 50% off.

In use today: NAP200/NAC82/Dynaudio Focus 160.



This is probably simplistic, but consider that the Dynaudios cost £1,800 12 years ago, which is about £2,200 today, and the Pylons cost £2,100 now. The Pylons are about five or six times the size of the Dynaudios, which surely says something about the relative quality of the two speakers. But if you fancy a change and the dealer is close by, the obvious suggestion is to try them. However, consider why the dealer might be selling them at half price, and never buy anything just because it’s cheap.

What you really need is a Hicap.

These speakers seem well made for their 2k euros. I know they are made in Poland.
They measure 90db in 4 ohm. I suspect the Nap 200 should be fine.

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Hi Hungry. Thanks.

The Pylons are second hand, hence the price I guess. But I agree, «more material» at more or less the same price should say something.

I am getting a Hi-Cap tomorrow, just sealed a deal :slight_smile:


Probably it does, but also not to forget the salary levels. Average income in Denmark is twice that of Poland, and the most typical salary in Denmark is 4 times as high

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