Q re: new Naim CD player

Hi :slight_smile:

Just picked up a CD5si and have two Qs:

  1. The remote works, and controls the unit, but the volume + - and mute buttons do nothing. Should they?

  2. The power plug on the rear is rather loose, which is not something I am accustomed to. It’s not ready to fall out, but it jiggles rather easily. Should it be like this?

Thanks in advance.

The power iec power cord should wiggle a little, its designed that way to minimise vibration etc . As for the volume setting on the remote perhaps some one else can advise.

Are you using a Naim pre amp or Naim integrated amp?

Thx Gazza

No Naim pre amp or Naim integrated amp. Is that what the vol/mute is for? I thought it weird that those would be controlling the CD player itself, but stranger things have happened…

It’s so that if you have a full Naim system, you only need one remote. The CD player gives a fixed output, varied by the pre amp for the power amp then speakers.

The CD player gives a fixed output

What I was expecting - thx!

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For those of us with multiple Naim components, we end up with multiple remotes that are redundant - because the remotes are designed for the entire Naim system (to generalize).

Sadly not quite…the 272 remote doesn’t operate a CD player, which is a shame.

When I bought my second piece of pre-loved Naim kit, the dealer knocked £20 off the price when I said I didn’t need another remote. Bargain.


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