QB 2nd Gen questions

I’m considering getting a QB gen 2 and have a couple of questions

(1) How is the sound at low volume? Sometimes I will just want a low volume background music (whilst working) I’ve tried some other systems and they didn’t have the granularity in volume so was either too quiet or too loud. And indeed, the bass was still heavy at low volume so just had a thumping noise with nothing else discernible
(2) Which internet radio service does it use? I would listen to a lot of bbc stations and have read about difficulties with streaming those in the UK with services such as TuneIn. And it also seems that when there are workarounds they don’t provide a seamless experience

Thanks in advance

It’s fine if you keep the loudness switched off.

What country are you living in? It gets all the BBC stations fine in the UK of course.

Ref “granularity in volume” you have complete control, it doesn’t increase in steps or jumps so you can fade right down to zero. The loudness setting can enhance depending on where the device is sat and how far from the wall (another setting), or just switch it off.

Naim software director Steve is a big radio fan. Receiving bbc broadcasts does depend on where you reside, but if in the uk then you get access to everything in the highest quality that can be achieved.
You might find this thread relevant BBC Radio - Will Mu-so support HLS/DASH?

Thanks both for the info. Sounds like positive news on both counts as I’m UK based

You have loudness, free space, near wall and corner settings, each adjust the relative bass at the very least.

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