QB V1 or V2?

Hi all,
Ive recently purchased a qb to add to my mu-so set up.
It was advertised as a V2.
How can i tell? Im starting to think it is a V1?

I have a U.S> model Qb2 and it says “2nd Gen”. You should have also gotten the new remote. I thought the 2nd gen version added Roon support.

My box also says so clearly. If you paid $1000 you were screwed. That’s the price of a new Qb2. First gen units were going for less than $500 after the 2nd gen came out.

Argh. Thanks for getting nack to me. Will hopefully get a 2nd response confirming the above and send it back

Well, if you have Roon and it can’t see the Qb that’s a pretty good bet. The 1st Gen Qb doesn’t work as a Roon endpoint.

If you give Naim technical support a ring after the holiday weekend and tell them that serial number, they will tell you whether it’s Gen 1 or Gen 2.

Also on the Gen 1 Qb when the unit is powered, you can see a small power icon/button in the display (in the volume control). It’s in the middle at the part of the display nearest to the back. The Gen 2 Qb doesn’t have that power icon - I think you turn it on/off by pressing the play arrow for a few seconds. Maybe a Gen 2 owner could confirm @HungryHalibut, for example.

I press and hold the Play icon on my Gen 2 to power off.

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Unfortunately that is indeed a V1. I suppose the good news is that you’ve realised so quickly.

The V2 looks quite different, with a darker top and a plastic edged volume ring that lights up. The controls are different too, and as others have said, the bottom panel says 2nd generation. It also comes with a little remote.

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100% gen 1. Serial number starts 13, add 5 = made in 2018. Part number ends 11 = gen 1.

Btw: Naim don’t track muso serial numbers; all they’d be able to tell you is what I did; the year of manufacture.

Thanks all.
Much appreciated.
Theyve agreed to refund the money so all good
Thanks again to all for the help


So beautiful with the peacock grille.

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