QB1 safe to run at or near full volume?

We’re having a BBQ this weekend and I’ve got my QB1 working nicely in the garden. It sounds fine at medium volume (60-80) but knowing how these events go I’m wondering if it is safe to run it at or near full volume for extended periods. Has anyone had any experience of doing this? I don’t want risk any damage - I’ve read through the full manual and can’t find any warnings about this.

It’s probably not a good idea. Presumably you don’t have any neighbours.

There’s nobody within more than a quarter of a mile - i had a live band playing in the garden until after midnight on my 60th. I do have form as I had to change my old NAP250 for 135s because it kept wimping out every time I had a party.
The QB sounds quite undistorted at full volume but I’d hate to blow it up. I believe it is a class D amp so it may be able to take some stick. Normally you would hear signs of strain if overdriving an amp but there’s no warning anywhere in the manual that i can find.

I think likley overheating will be your issue.

Report back as noone else seems to use their QB for parties. It coped really well and was loud enough at 80 which is where I left it. I do have the kind of friends who turn the volume up themselves but the unusual volume control seems to have baffled them. The rear heatsink did get rather hot but I guess that’s what it’s for.
The only glitch was that with a lot of bodies around the wifi signal was obstructed leading to the occasional stutter but this was soon sorted by relocating the tablet i was using as a controller and connecting by bluetooth. It was fine all day when just the wife and I were around.
Really chuffed as the occasional party use was why I sprung for a QB as 99% of the time it’s just a kitchen radio. It sounds great at higher volume.


Does the Qb offer the “max volume” limiter in Settings → Audio Settings like the Uniti models? If so, dropping that to 80 (or below, as you see fit) would prevent anyone from twirling the large dial and doing any harm. I believe that’s the entire purpose of that Setting…

Have a great party and enjoy time with friends outdoors!

Good catch Alan - it does have a limiter, hidden under “other settings”. The party was excellent but now most of us are pushing 70, a little less rowdy than of yore.
Having said that it may be that failing hearing will lead to a demand for louder music. I may email Naim support to see what they say about running a QB at full tilt. With most amps you can hear when it is not happy but the QB still sounds fine at 100. Hopefully the speakers will be designed to take it and the heatsink is up to it as it is an impressive little beast.

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