Qb2 Backlit Ring

Hey guys,

Is there any way the backlit ring can be disabled or at least, go out after a second or so of the volume ring is turned.

I have mine set up fairly high on a display cabinet and in the evenings, the top lights up the ceiling above when it is on, and it is fairly bright.

Also, why have the auto standby times been reduced, and to poitless times at that!

On my orginal FF muso, i can still set the standby time by the number of hours, and not limited to a max of 2.

I have the radio on all day, so i have to keep in contact with the unit, or it turns itself off.

Naim really do know how to spoil things!

If you go to settings then lighting, fro 3 levels of lighting, you can choose from off / med / high.

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