QB2 Feature request: Make Hi-Res resolution cap optional

Dear Naim

Would it be possible to somehow make the resolution cap on the QB2 optional? Currently the QB2 can do 24/384 wired and 24/48 wireless. But the bandwidth on WiFi 5Ghz should be enough to handle 24/384… At least all my other devices do without any impact to QOS or WiFi performance…

Cheers Willem

I think you will find that this is a hardware limitation inside the Qb2. Otherwise why would they put a cap that they didn’t need to?

Anyway Naim don’t routinely read this forum, so if you want an answer, it’s probably better to email Naim support.

I don’t see the restrictions with my QB 2, which is only using Wifi.
What are your sources? I’m using primarly Roon and there I can use for example this:

Hi @Wditters

If you have a QB Gen2 then on Wifi the product can do 384kHz on all lossless formats, assuming the wifi network is up to deliver such data rates.

The older Qb Gen1 products were limited on their wifi implementation, but on Gen2 we put a good MIMO 802.11ac wifi chipset in it and dual core 1.2GHz processor.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply. That’s interesting to hear, because some of the reviews actually mentioned that limitation also to be present on the QB 2nd gen and not just on the QB 1st gen.

Cheers Willem

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