Qb2: FW Play/Pause button does not work

Parallel to the Bluetooth lag issue (Bluetooth audio lag after firmware update - #43 by PhilippVH) with Qb2 FW, I noticed that the play/pause soft button on the top dial does not work anymore, neither in Internet radio, nor when streaming Qobuz or from a local NAS. The skip forward and backward button (to the left and right of play/pause) don’t work either. They flicker shortly when pressed, but nothing happens. One has to use the app to control playback. I’ve rebooted several times.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

The corresponding buttons on the remote don’t work either: the display flickers shortly too, but nothing happens. I think I’ll try a factory reset.

Before you do a factory reset, the prior thing to try is a simple power off restart of your Qb2. Unplug it from the mains for half a minute or so then plug it in and turn it on.

Powering off didn’t help, but factory reset did the trick.

A strange thing about the factory reset: it doesn’t seem to clear the login credentials for Qobuz. At least I hadn’t to re-enter them after the reset and still can stream. So, one should consider logging out of the service explicitly when selling a Qb2.

Or is it the app that stores the credentials?

The app is the interface with all the streaming services

OK, thank you for the clarification.

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