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Hi all , firstly apologies if this is in the incorrect section.
I got a muso QB 2 recently and enjoy playing my music of a ssd connected via the usb . Now my question is , if I may please , if I added other units to the network , would those addition units be able to use the ssd that’s plugged into the original unit . Sorry if that’s a stupid question
Thanks in advance

No they wouldn’t, as the qb does not provide the capability of a network music server. There are plenty of solutions however, ie attach your usb drive to another device that can act as a upnp server eg a raspberry pi can do this.
Do you own a nas or similar?
Look at minimserver as an example of the software you might use.
Or … naim salesman mode activated … look at eg the uniti star that can provide your whole house with music via its built in music server capability.

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Robert . Many thanks for that . I will do some
Research . Assume you could buy the roon unit and do it that way ?
Also Robert , could you use a unity atom ?

Yes a roon server will do everything you need, i run roon server software on a pc installed with linux os. Or buy the roon ready made server.

The uniti atom also has server mode for an attached usb drive. The star will also do ripping to an installed hard drive (you fit one inside).

Although the Musos do not have a server like the Atom, you can use the Multiroom function to play music from the USB input on one to any other Naim streamer.
Other multiroom options include Airplay and Chromecast, as well as Roon, although the latter requires a fairly powerful computer and a subscription to run it. None of these will play from a USB drive attached to the QB2, but they will play from a wide variety of music sources from online streaming, or from your own files stored on another device.

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Thanks Robert . So assuming I use I pads to control roon etc would i need just the roon neclus and plug my SSD into that via usb ? Sorry if my questions seem silly , I’ve only just moved over from cassette :wink:

Many thanks for that Chris . I’m just finding my feet with it all . So in theory I could use a MacBook Orr similar to produce multiroom via Apple airplay

Yes. But the roon nucleus is an expensive way to do it. Much cheaper to buy an appropriate intel nuc computer and self install roon rock os on it.

A quick look on roonlabs community:
“I use a NUC8I7BEH with 16GB ram, fast dependable Samsung m.2 pcie drive for Roon OS/Database, internal Sata Samsung drive for my music. Cost for all was under $1000. It is overkill for my needs (small library, no up-sampling or DSP) but it works very well, always available, snappy response and no problems.”

That nuc is circa £450 by itself. Plus £ for the memory and drives. Roon rock os is free.

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