QB2 Output format?

I know the QB2 supports up to 24bit/384kHz files, but what is it doing to them? Does it down sample them at all? When I use Tidal it seems to always play 16bit 44kHz formats regardless of what I change my preference to? (I don’t really care about Tidal as I’m not going to renew once my Trial is over). Main reason I’m asking is that I don’t want to waste money on downloading more expensive hi-res stuff if it’s going to be no better than CD!



A stream from Tidal will play at 16/44 because that is what the Tidal servers send, regardless of the equipment that plays it. If you have any higher res files, maybe purchased as downloads, they will also be compatible with your Muso as long as they are no higher than the maximum of 24/384 that it can support. Given that most HiRes material is no more than 24/96 or 24/192, you are covered for pretty much all available digital music files.
I would suggest that you download some sample HiRes music and have a listen before you decide if it’s worth the (often considerable) price premium.

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