QNAP power supply

Good evening all. I am looking for recommendations for an uninterrupted power supply for my QNAP TS-451 please. I find the machine gets accidentally unplugged by my cleaner and that upsets my network shares on my HDX. Many thanks in advance for any recommendations / shared experiences.

I just put my NAS, router and switch in a cupboard so that it doesn’t get tampered with. The mains plug used to be taped up to prevent accidental switching off, but now it’s behind the cupboard so people have to use a different one.

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Much like a lot of forumites, I use an APC. Look on places like Amazon, not sure what the current model numbers are, but mine is a APC CS350, 350 is indicative of watts, this shuts down the NAS in a controlled way after a 10 second power outage, plus I have it powering my SMPS strip & it gives my phone & broadband about 30 to 45 minutes run time to enable finishing a call & saving any computer work.

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Many thanks. I have seen my NAS advertised for sale in conjunction with a APC BE700G I will have a look at those :+1:t2:

Make sure that it has a USB port as not all models have them.

I found this out when purchasing an APC BX500CI from Amazon. The pictures (still) show a USB so not unreasonably I assumed it had one! It didn’t and I had to obtain a refund.


I can recommend the Cyberpower UPS range. Intelligent control from the Qnap and the 700VA model at £80 is keenly priced .

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