Qobuz and Collaborative Playlists

Although Qobuz purport to supporting Collaborative Playlist I find it impossible to create and share one. Perhaps its just me? Are my expectations too high? I want to create a playlist, add some music, send it to a friend(s) and they add some music and send it back… Or place it somewhere that we can both access it and edit it. Streaming as a service hasn’t progressed very far since it started. We the consumer who pay for the service get very little in terms of flexible use and no innovation. Any views and experience would be very useful please.

I have created and shared playlists. Others can access it on Qobuz but they can not make changes.

For example I created a playlist titled ‘Naim Single Track to acess or demo sys’ from a list of tracks that members on the forum stated they use when listening to gear at a dealer or show.

So if you do a search for ‘Naim Single Track’ on Qobuz you should find it and be able to play it. I don’t believe you can edit it but you can try if you would like.

I do not use the playlist function often but what it does works well for me.

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Thanks. The Collaborative Playlist should allow editing of the shared playlist by people to whom that it is sent. Collaborative can be selected when one creates a playlist in Qobuz.

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I seem to recall doing something like this with other members of the Auralic forum around last Christmas. I did not set it up, but I was certainly able to add tracks to the playlist. I’ll see if I can drag up the posts in which it was set up and get back to this thread if I can find useful info.


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Thank you.

OK, I’ve looked at the posts related to a Christmas playlist we created on the Auralic forum last year. Please note, I did not create it myself, another forum member did that, but I was able to add tracks to it.

I think the process is to first create the collaborative playlist, which I assume you’ve done. Then you need to click the share button (square with an arrow pointing out of the top) this should create a link which you can then send to your friends. They can then click the link which will take them to the playlist. When I did this, I then added the playlist to my favourites (not sure if this step is necessary). To add a track to the playlist I did the usual: click the three dots to the right of the track and chose the “add to playlist” option, finally selecting the collaborative playlist. It’s simpler (and may be essential) to do this in the Qobuz app, rather than a streamer’s control app.

You’ve probably done all this, but if not, I hope this is of some help. If not, you may need to contact Qobuz directly.


Thanks Roger. I did contact Qobuz support and this morning an update on my Mac Qobuz app shows more links than before to manage playlists. A constant problem with computer technology is the disparate operating systems - IOS, Mac OSX version Windows OS - and devices - iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Windows hardware - that we are switching between when using apps…

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