Qobuz anomaly

In Qobuz on Naim I search for a relatively new album “Solo Bach-Abel”. The album is not found although 4 tracks from it are. When I search Qobuz directly (not through Naim) on my phone the entire album pops right up.
Thoughts or insight? Thanks.

When I did the search in the Naim App using Solo Back Abel the response was at the top of Albums was Bach & Abel: Solo.

If you type Bach & Abel: Solo the response does not immediately show but does appear way down on the listing under Albums. You would think it would be at the top.

No answer but it can be found using both, just not sure of the search logic they use.

You’re absolutely right! It’s the hyphen (which is on the album cover) that the Naim app chokes on. Try it! Only a single album “Tulip Drive” featuring Jimmy Allen. This is a non-issue with the Qobuz app searching directly.
Anyway, thanks for helping me find the album!

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