Qobuz App Vs Naim Qobuz App, any difference?

I usually use Naim App with Qobuz (hi-res), I have no problem (apart the Naim App’s horrible UX).

Yesterday I discovered that is possible, with the Qobuzz App stream directly to my ND5 xs2.
What is the difference? I heard no difference last night.
Both method stream directly from wi-fi moden to the ND5 xs2


Qobuz Connect doesn’t yet exist so you’ll probably be using Chromecast to send the stream to the ND5 XS2. That’s fine until you have an album with no gaps between tracks, Chromecast doesn’t support gapless playback so of you listen to an album like The Wall by Pink Floyd you’ll notice the difference


Thank you!!!
regard “The Wall” I will do it.

I did a test:
I turned on the Qobuzz App, music started on my ND5 XS2, than I tried to turn off wi-fi, bluetooth and all connection of my iPad. And ND5 XS2 worked, music has continued. This means that ND5 XS2 takes music directly to the router.
Is it chromecast?


Did you wait long enough to see if there were gaps between the tracks?

Yes and yes, see the post that I linked above

So…I may not be crazy. I’m playing Qobuz through a wired connection with my Mac Mini. It sounds better to me. I’m connecting the USB-A port of the Mac to the input of the Topping D10s, and from the Topping to the Nova digital in. The Qobuz rate displays on the Topping. Now this is a curious thing: playing hi res from the Mac Mini, you need adjust the bit rate to match the source. With mobil iOS that isn’t the case, they adjust automatically. So when playing Qobuz through the Naim app the bit rate displayed on the Topping is whatever the Mac is set at. BUT*. When playing the Qobuz app, it automatically adjusts the source rate and the Topping displays the rate of the selection, not the setting on the Mac!

Another point that is a recent change (this week apparently): Apple Music had two features I loved missing on Qobuz. The lyrics and the autoplay were Apple advantages. Now, only on the Qobuz desktop version, they’ve added autoplay! That’s a game changer to me. I really love having music continue when my ADHD self gets distracted…lol.

Sounds like you are getting somewhere :slight_smile: Unfortunately I have no experience with the Topping, Mac Mini, or wired connection from there to the Nova, so I’m afraid I am useless in this regard

Thank you. Now I understand why I have had drop outs when using a Chromecast Audio dongle plugged in the back of my Marantz ND8006 Stream when listening to Hi-Res audio from Qobuz App.
Still I have now a Uniti Atom HE and I haven’t experienced drop outs yet when listening to Qobuz using the Naim App. Do you know if the Uniti Atom uses Chromecast protocol to stream from Qobuz server or if it used another Qobuz proprietary protocal?


No, Chromecast is only used when playing from the Qobuz app. When playing Qobuz from within the Naim app, the Naim app uses Qobuz’s third-party API. See the explanation and recommendation in the second paragraph in Steve’s post that I linked


Since Qobuz is not streaming to my Superuniti via the Qobuz app on iPhone, I now connect my iPhone wired to the USB port on SU’s front. After choosing in the Naim app for USB as input I now can listen Qobuz over the SU (as well as my Apple Music library).

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