Qobuz Artist Radio + Daily Mix

Hi Folks,
I’m a long time Spotify user I love the service.

But now I’m also loving how Qobuz integrates with my new Atom with it’s HD service.

One of my favourite Spotify features are the daily mixes. In time will Qobuz build them for me too?

And another feature I like in Spotify is when you find an artist you like, then click artist radio the service then goes onto build you a dynamic playlist of similar music. This is great for finding new music or if you’re working and just want the perfect playlist to keep rolling without having to think about it.

Thanks for reading

Regards. Jon

Hi Jon

I have thought about this for quite some time.
I am not sure they will in all honesty. Qobuz target audience is more audiophile related than Spotify being Hires only.
Qobuz have cut their prices recently which is brilliant but consequently I would imagine means they can’t do everything. More and more people are adopting Roon which does everything you ask for and more. Obviously this is all they do and I would highly recommend having a look at if you haven’t done so already.
My guess is they are happy to leave certain functionality out for this reason and hit a price point that pulls in more users.


Qobuz compile a lot of playlists by artist, genre etc. Whether you like them is another matter!

I find these much better than Tidal’s efforts, which I never once found to be of interest. Spotify does do this particularly well though, and I think it’s a real shame that their sound quality is poor, otherwise it would win hands down in my books.

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