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Interesting- I’ve been waiting for this. If they have a trial I’ll compare it to tidal. Hopefully there is a way to import likes and playlists if it turns out that I prefer it.

You can, a app called Soundiiz will transfer all your favorite artists, albums and playlists to Qobuz from Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music or YouTube music. Only thing it didn’t transfer for me was my Tidal created mixes.

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FYI, I just found you can save Tidal made mixes, just go to the mix you want to save and on the top right tap on the 3 dots, choose “add to playlist” then +Create Playlist and name it anything you like then hit create playlist and your good, just use Soundiiz to do the transfer to Qobuz and your good to go…

Conspiracy alert, why is Qobuz only available in Canada now that Quebecor’s French music site is being shut down? Been available in the US for years. Maybe time for another trial of Tidal.

It’s probably been a licensing issue that made it impossible or just too expensive/difficult for Qobuz to get licences for enough music to make it viable in Canada, until now.

Possibly, though Tidal has been available in Canada for years.

I have no experience with Quboz but have read lots of Naim Forum members speak very highly of it. If/when it’s available in Canada I probably won’t try it out. I’m now happily imbedded in Apple Music as my go to platform.

I used TIDAL for 3 years and I consider it a good platform. However, when I purchased my new iPhone a year ago it came with a 6 month free trial for Apple Music, so I put a hold on my TIDAL subscription and gave Apple Music a try. I consider it a superior platform because of its compatibility with Apple products. I listened to several selections from my stored music on both TIDAL and Apple Music and couldn’t discern any difference in SQ.
My only regret is there isn’t yet an AppleMusic Connect like there is for TIDAL.

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Just noticed that today’s update on the Qobuz app (iOS) mentions support for Canada.
So it seems to be on track.

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