Qobuz - can't access account

is anyone else having trouble accessing their qobuz account?

I was in mine just a moment ago. It was the download store, I wasn’t trying to stream.

All fine here; at least it was an hour ago…:thinking:

thanks @hungryhalibut and @QuickSticks looks like it’s something at my end -started off not seeing my playlists in naim app i logged out to see if that fixed it now can’t log in via naim or qobuz apps - and customer support aren’t in till tuesday

Well that’s a bummer!
Have you tried going onto your account from a browser and checking passwords and settings etc, then deleting the service and re-adding it on your streamer/app again?

brilliant - thanks quicksticks reinstalled naim and qobuz apps and all is fine - the forum members are a brilliant resource for idiots like me

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