Qobuz changes

Not sure if this is a bit sneaky or what!

Have ignored the winter sale, but had a quick look tonight.

Previously if you went to an album and had a Sublime discount you’d see 3 prices - Sublime HD/HD/CD.

Depending on vendor normally Sublime HD is cheaper or the same, in sales it has been a frustration that standard HD can be cheaper for some labels.

Anyhow they seem to have dispensed with the simple price display and now have ‘starting from’ that you have to click through to see if you get a Sublime discount or not.

Even more concerning they now seem to price some HD titles differently for example:

When did this happen? Suspect I’m going to find some 96 kHz past purchases now available at higher sampling rates :unamused:

Qobuz & organised don’t fit in the same sentence


No, but I still try to support them with purchases over Tidal or Apple Music.


I spotted and reported this yesterday. My sublime+ is up for renewal and I may switch to streaming only as most of my spend is now on vinyl.

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