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Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere.

Qobuz seem to be offering a new platform for discussing music, at least that’s what I think it is.

If you click to try it says it will share your account details with ‘circle’ who presumably host the service.

That seems quite iffy to me so I cancel it each time.

Can you access without doing so?

Yes it’s a nice service

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Thanks, so did you have to share account details, or did you skip that? If I do ‘cancel’ I think I’m taken to a page asking for cookies to be saved.

I joined the Qobuz Club and there is an option not to reveal your E-mail address, if that is what you mean.

It seems a well organised forum for music lovers.


thanks for mentioning the club - it had passed me by - looks interesting

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It was more this popup which makes me assume my Qobuz are credentials are shared with the other company (Circle):

If I click ‘Cancel’ I get:

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 12.42.24

Probably not a ‘biggie’ and at least they are telling you, was just initially a little taken aback as I guess a 3rd party could access my downloads or saved payment details.

I would assume that Qobuz would have to share your e-mail with their platform partner (forum operator) to allow your account on Qobuz Club to function properly.

I would imagine that Naim would have to pass our e-mail addresses to their forum partner for this forum to function.

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Thanks, yes.

Qobuz are probably just making it simple, not suggesting there’s anything shady about it.

I guess “Circle” is something similar to “Discourse” used by Naim to host this forum. You could research Circle, and/or use the links Qobuz provides to check their privacy policy and terms of use.

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I am sure that Circle wouldn’t be able to access your payment details as Qobuz would certainly have to mention it if they were relying on your agreement to conform to GDPR.

Also I suspect that no-one at Circle would have any interest at all in what downloads you had bought.

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