Qobuz data issue

I have a Uniti Star and stream Qobuz Sublime through the Naim App.
Recently I am unable to access album booklets. Message “Cannot access metadata Eror 504” pops up.
I have powered down and up all components and internet connection, but this remains a problem.
Qobuz say it is a Naim problem.
Any ideas?

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Same error 504 in this current thread when opening booklets from Rovi (which is only available on the iOS app and indeed a Naim thing. Happened a few times in the past as well). Naim are working on it:

Me too. Same issue. Error 504, and no booklet. Is really annoying as I love album info and pics.

Yes, known issue with the Rovi service, see the other thread:

Please ensure you are using the latest Naim app for iOS released today. Version 5.24

Thanks, that’s fixed it.

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