Qobuz down?

Is it just me or is Qobuz down. Can’t access web site, app or through roon :frowning:

Appears to be back up now!

I had the same experience today, but managed to buy Strauss’ Alpensinfonie …

Given their outrageous pricing on downloads at the moment I’m not sure I want to see it back up.

I thought it was just me, was looking at a few new releases earlier and they seem to be £20+ for hi-res which seems very high compared to normal. Sublime prices are better but not what they used to be.

Still down for me…

Was fine earlier, but web pages are now giving a bad gateway error/internal server error.

Strangely ominous.

Yep, Qobuz download prices have rocketed. :angry:

I looked at the new Liam Gallagher this morning on Qobuz. The deluxe version which just has a couple of extra tracks was £20 for the CD version! Interesting Juno Download at it at about £9.

I’ve gone back to HMV and back to CDs.

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Yep, utterly ridiculous pricing on that album.

I have never understood why Qobuz do not offer Sublime discounts on CD quality either, as I can always buy something only available in CD quality cheaper on Amazon (physical CD rather than a download too).

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I bought very little in their big sale this year - lots of stuff I already had, and over-complex to navigate to find anything of interest.

Is it all to push us to subscribe to Sublime+ I wonder (I stuck with Sublime).

…and have these price increases happened in the last few days or over a longer period?

In reality there hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to buy for several months so may not have notice a slow upward creep.

I wonder if this is UK only or more widespread?

As noted elsewhere I’m going to have to ensure I have all my purchases downloaded, as there are definitely some from sales that I haven’t !

Seems over last couple of weeks prices have shot up.

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Q was down for me for a wee while earlier but back and playing now.
I thought it was me beginning to think I was spending too much on downloads that made current prices seem high but, I agree, high res download prices now seem higher even with Sublime +, I am not buying. I am registered with Q in France and I want to be associated with the UK store as prices are cheaper on there. The recent Igor Levit Beethoven is something like £10 cheaper on UK store. With the arrival of Amazon HD I was expecting Qobuz prices to drop but …
I am buying on CD again from Presto as it is much cheaper and with a decent DAC a CD rip can get close to the high res version.

Strangely, my default platform is Firefox but this will not allow me to access Qobuz - has not been a problem before now. Safari works okay. Not sure why there would be any diference.


Does the Qobuz Desktop app work for you? no need to access Qobuz through a browser then.

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