Qobuz download sale

Until the end of August Qobuz is giving up to 80% off, most in the range of 30 to 50%……across a range of music and quality levels….best of luck.


It’s the annual sale whcih is virtually impossible to navigate efficiently, and the same old offerings trotted out year on year.

There are some good deals in fairness but I’ve often found the good ones I wanted I’d already purchased.

It’s brilliant for classical if you know what you want, and in the past I bought a lot of classical/opera but have barely listened to it, though I will at some stage.

There may be bargains but only if you actually listen to them.

I’m quite impressed that I’ve held back and stopped buying on impulse in the last couple of years.

Equally, I like the fact they have sales, just like bricks and mortar stores used to, but online shopping is much harder than flicking through racks of discounted LPs!

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Bought a couple of downloads unavailable elsewhere prior to buying a proper sub. Have since added about 150 albums for my £15pcm and I’m struggling to see any reason to do anything but add them to my collection without actually buying.

Starting to feel the same in many ways, thoug an album I’d added to Favourites no longer seems to be available tonight but this is rare.

My £130 Sade vinyl LP boxset arrived and sound very good, but Diamond Life/Promise seem different to my original vinyl - yes they’ve been remastered, but they sound quite bright and seem to have lost a bit of PRAT in the process which is still there streaming on Nova from Qobuz, odd.

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