Qobuz Download Store Prices

I’d guess it’s Amazon.

Are you sure? Amazon seems such an easy word to type. I think it must be something longer or difficult to type. My money is on antidisestablishmentarianism.

Heck anyone can spell that. :grin:

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The A is for A$$hole. :grin:
You must have missed one or two of the preceeding posts that pointed that out. We were criticising A, so we weren’t spelling it out, eh?
Good grief!

It’s only $9USD on Qobuz for 96K for me.

I have Qobuz Sublime in the US and most material I have downloaded has been in the $8-10 range. Perhaps they charge more for new releases but I don’t buy those. I find Qobuz downloading to be significantly less expensive than buying new CDs although I have no doubt that the pricing has risen like everything else. What I find particularly valuable about Qobuz downloading is the ability to download more obscure imports that typically sell for much higher than regular prices in CD or vinyl formats.


Another Sublime subscriber here, the discounts on hi-res are up to 60% and extremely competitive.

Oddly Sublime has never given you discounts on CD quality downloads, and I don’t know if that somehow means a hi-res purchase downloaded in CD quality is different to the purchased CD download. Any idea @BertBird ?

No I belief there is no difference it’s just there approach. And it’s most probably the thought that nobody would want a standard resolution download when a higher res cheaper version exists. However what I find strange in a way that when no high res version exists, mostly the standard res version is also not discounted……, making it often less atttractive to buy and you start to look around and often end up,on another platform for the buy.


Yes, I enjoy decent prices for hi res but the the cost for CD is prohibitive for me.

“11 disc Be Bop Deluxe Live in the Air Age set”?! 11 discs??
I’m almost tempted to buy it just to prove to myself such a thing exists! :grin:

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As I’ve said bargain of the century.

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£5.99p on Qobuz

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Did I say it was the bargain of the century.

Qobuz Sublime seem to have stopped showing individual price just saying you can save up to 60% ?

Indeed you did and it is. I have the box set and the download.

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“Qobuz, the French music streaming service with an emphasis on high-res audio, is offering up to 80 per cent off more than 10,000 albums from its collection. “Download Fest”, which is now live, gives users the chance to download and keep a whole plethora of albums at variously discounted rates, with CD-quality and 24-bit hi-res offerings from the likes of Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Johnny Cash (plus many more) enjoying major discounts.”


Yes, unfortunately you are right! Only upgraded my account to sublime a few weeks ago and already spent over £400 on downloads! I haven’t worked out the total savings though. Hi res files are generally a lot cheaper than the CD quality ones.

I have only bought my favourite albums just in case they disappear from Qobuz.

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This is where it is all wrong. As an example the new J. Mascis album What Do We Do Now

CD quality/16bit download in UK:-

Boomkat £7.99
Juno Download £9.79
7Digital £12.49 (Hi Res £14.49)
Bandcamp £9.41 (Never know if this is Hi Res or not)
Qobuz £14.69 (Hi Res £16.99)

But with a Qobuz Sublime account you get a 34% discount on the Hi Res !!!

I very rarely buy anything these days, if it’s something I really like I will or if it’s not on Qobuz. I generally get it from HD Tracks (if available) or a cd from Amazon unfortunately.

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