Qobuz downloads

Can anyone explain to me how to download a purchase from Qobuz. Having sworn never to buy from them again, I succumbed because the album I wanted wasn’t available on HDTracks.
Do I have to download it as a *.tar file and then buy WinZip to open and save it as Flac?
It is anything but clear.

You can choose first the format: Wav or Flac.
Then download in Tar, open the files, and it’s ready.

There are many unZippers that are free, e.g. Peazip

What is ´download in tar´? When I click on ‘extract’ I’m being told I have to buy WinZip.

See above.

Download the 7zip freeware offered on Qobuz

I use 7 zip and it works well. Just download the tar file and open it with 7 zip. I’ve done hundreds of Qobuz downloads with it.

Can you tell me where it is offered on Qobuz? I seem to be blind!

You an find it from 7-zip home page directly.
(7-zip.org or also see Wikipedia entry.)

On my pc I just select « extract all ». I have no ask to pay something. I am on Windows 7.
But I must confess that hdtracks is more straightforward.
As Bandcamp.

Qobuz are my vendor to avoid - if possible - their amateurish outdated user unfriendly way of downloading seems commensurate with the rest of their lack of business expertise. However unzipping a .tar folder is easy enough, a few free unzip packages around, Windows10 has them included, I expect Apple is the same, I use 7-Zip

Not sure what my Mac uses but it unzips the TAR no problem.

Download it, rename it from xyz.tar to xyz.zip then Windows will treat it as a compressed folder in Windows Explorer allowing you easy access to the contents.

It is a link to the 7-zip site just below the ‘download my music’ button on the Download my music page. Once downloaded, just right click on the tar file and it should show the option to unzip using 7-zip.

It’s a while since I downloaded from Qobuz, as I have now take out a streaming subscription, but I don’t recall downloading Tar files or unzipping. Rather, I used the Qobuz downloader app on my Mac. No unzipping necessary and you can tell it where to put your download.



I use a Windows 10 laptop, and have the Qobuz desktop app installed. This automatically downloads my purchases as FLAC files into a Qobuz folder in my Music library. Personally, I much prefer Qobuz to HD Tracks, as Qobuz will let you download purchases for life, as opposed to one download only allowed by HD Tracks.

Not quite correct, HDTracks’ limit downloads of the same order to 90 days. Whatever, a pukka back up is a “must have” for any music library, no matter from where the file comes from.

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Yep, I also use the desktop app and works well for me in windows 10.

:+1: Desktop app here too- fast and easy, flac into Qobuz directory- Win10

Thanks to all who replied here. I eventually got the app to work correctly. It did something differently last night.
I much prefer the HDTracks downloader and the fact that there isn’t a lifetime download option has never been a problem for me. I keep the downloaded copy and I copy that immediately to Melco and also to a USB drive. I back up the Melco regularly to two separate USB Hard drives, one of which I keep in my car, and the other in a detatched garage. (I don’t keep the car in the garage!)