Qobuz Duo

Qobuz have just launched a streaming plan for 2… how likely is it that Naim could support multiple Qobuz (or Tidal/Spotify for that matter) accounts?

My understanding is that the account credentials currently exist on the streamer. Could the active account be determined by the control app instead?

That’s a question for @tomvamos when he has a chance (team is incredibly busy on development push right now!)

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Thanks for nudging him!

Firstly, I can’t see Duo being that popular. I don’t think Naim have seen a need to implement the Family Qobuz options with multiple users as yet - the pricing was awful as it gave all family members (who have to reside at the same address ‘technically’) Sublime purchase discounts. I’d imagine the typical ‘family’ would be parents and a couple or more youngsters who would not be purchasing. Realistically, and same for duo you’d probably just sign everyone’s device into a single member account. For many families this might be needed anyways unless they all had control devices.

That aside I’m sure it could be implemented but how much demand would there be for it?

Are we certain Qobuz credentials are stored on teh streamer? I have no idea but it would make sense for the app to be able to switch the user to allow guests to use their Qobuz or other accounts at your residence.

Intersting question, thanks for posting it. The only real benefit for multi-user accounts is Favourites and Playlists - I don’t use either that often personally but suspect I’m a dinosaur.

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