Qobuz - duplicate purchases

Anyone have any idea if it’s possible to inadvertently buy something twice - I only ask as I often buy lots in promos and occasionally forget I’ve bought something I’ve ‘parked’ to listen to later!

Would you get a warning if something is already purchased, as it certainly doesn’t say so on on a particular album/work’s page?

Also they used to have album reviews - these seem to have gone unless it’s my adblocker.

I had it recently and Qobuz prevents you from buying it twice - which is a great quality assurance. I guess this doesn’t work if they have two separate line items and you made the mistake of selecting the one first and the other second. But this seldomly happens that they have two linitems for the same album, so change is almost zero of you going wrong.

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Thanks BertBird - naturally if an item has a new/differing ‘SKU’/product code you might buy twice but good to know in general it’s flagged up!

Interestingly, I’d forgottten I’d purchased this:


…but this was one of my earliest Qobuz purchases:


Must make a list or spreadsheet for my Qobuz purchases!

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