Qobuz Favourites Order

Is there away of sorting the order of your Qobuz favourites in the Naim app, ie, alphabetically or in date order as per Tidal? Running native on an NDX2

I have flagged this as a problem to Naim Support but guess it wouldn’t do any harm for someone else to do same

Ok thanks, yeh it’s a bit of a basic oversight and to me renders Qobuz a little untenable. I wonder was it raised during Beta testing?

If i remember correctly this was raised in beta testing. The answer was Naim are only allowed to integrate certain parts of the Qobuz app…not all. No harm in telling Naim directly , and perhaps they can have further discussions with Qobuz.

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If not fixable it is going to be a real headache once you are into the hundreds of albums saved

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I find I can browse my thousand or so rips by album cover image really quickly…and there’s always the search facility if I’m really focussed on what I want to play.

It’ll be nice to have when/if it’s integrated but at £14.99 a month for access to more music than I’ll ever listen to in the next thirty or so years (I hope!) it’s no deal breaker.


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I did raise this during beta testing and as Gaza has said some setting that you can apply in thr Qobuz app are not automatically transferred into the native Naim app.

Naim did say they would look into this matter but the more people that highlight this might help.

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They managed it for Tidal integration so hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult

Yeh hope so, it’s great otherwise and I’m really enjoying the sq, music curation and overall lack of hiphop crap that comes with tidal

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It is the most popular form of music in the world these days and it’s a service providing popular music. Really dont get why some have this intolerance to it. Tidal happens to curate my listening habit quite well and I don’t really listen to hip hop. Some of us might feel the same over the classical and Jazz crap polluting Qobuz.


What classical and jazz crap?


I was responding to Hollows post above with a figure of speach he used to dismiss Tidal that is all. Can’t say I am classical lover but I don’t really have an issue that’s its curated and upfront more on Qobuz, same for Jazz. Some find Tidals fronting of hip-hop a problem I don’t and don’t really listen to it either One man’s meat is another’s poison, live and let live in the end the content is there, you can’t put everything in the shop window.

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All of it!

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