Qobuz finally available in Canada!

As of today Qobuz is available in Canada.

I am currently subscribed to Tidal Hifi CD quality. Is the Qobuz Hi-res worth it compared to Tidal?

Yes :+1:


Great news and a long time coming.

Given that Tidal have recently announced their intention to provide a lossless 24 bit FLAC subscription you may find that you don’t need to jump ship after all.

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You don’t need Tidal hires , if it’s MQA. But I read that Tidal is launching now true hires like Qobuz. In that case it’s worth I think.

I might keep both for a while. I just signed up to Qobuz. I already transferred my Tidal playlists and stuff using Soundizz.

I am also in Canada and currently subscribe to Tidal. I listen to jazz a lot and notice a lot of the jazz catalogue consists of compilations rather than the original albums. Does Qobuz have more original release jazz albums?

My ears my system Qobuz blows Tidal away on SQ. So glad I switched.


I subscribed today, sounds good so far but my internet is too slow to stream 192 KHz without stuttering.
MQA still works smoothly with Tidal. Tomorrow I plan on calling my provider to complain.

This is great news!

I am going to start my free trial today!

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Same here - so good for Canadians to finally have a choice when it comes to hi-res. Although I am looking forward to hearing how MQA-less Tidal hi-res sounds.

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Wow after all those years, I thought that was settled since a while.

The stars are getting in place slowly!
I just bought a Superuniti, also just found after 3 years my lost ± 500 albums in flac format (just need to resurrect the Synology or I’ll get a Pi4) and now Qobuz.

I think a nice show will start soon. :wink:

Thanks for sharing the news!


I have been comparing Tidal against Qobuz. I cannot hear a difference! And when I think I do, Tidal sounds slightly better. Even the CD quality from Tidal against the Hi res from Quboz, I cannot hear a difference.


Try limiting Qobuz to 24/96 in the Naim app and you’ll at least have a better chance of a reliable stream compared to 24/192.

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Welcome to the 21st century Canada :rofl:

(Ps. I can say that, I lived in Mississauga for 16 years) :grin:

I had Qobuz for many years and then switched to Tidal for the last four years, i’ve never looked back. Horses for courses. It’s not just about quality, it’s also about the user interface, the catalogue and reliability in my view. I was always experiencing problems with Qobuz, dropouts, stuttering and fave albums just completely disappearing - nothing more annoying for a dedicated music lover who just wants to sit back and play their fave music, stress free.

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I’m a new subscriber to Qobuz, I have had Tidal as well for over 5 years. As I kind of expected, Qobuz is no better or worse sounding than Tidal. The Tidal apps on Android and iOS are massively better. Quicker, faster image loading, and easier to navigate and search.
Qobuz apps are Ok, their Windows desktop program is quite good, the Tidal Windows desktop program is a little better.
Overall, both services are good and I will keep both for the time being.
If it came down to picking one, Tidal HiFi (no MQA) at $10 month is the one I would be happy with.

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I will give that a try Chris…in the Lumin App.:wink:

Pricing same as US but in C$. That’s a 25% discount!
Qobuz user interface and sq superior imo.


I agree that there is no sound quality difference between Tidal and Qobuz.

I am rather disappointed about Qobuz! With ll the hype and marketing around their sound quality and Hi-Rez files, I was expecting better. I have already cancelled my Qobuz account. I will stick with Tidal.