Qobuz genre filter disappeared after app update

After update v6.1.0 (March 16) of the Focal & Nam App the Qobuz genre-filter has disappeared; it’s now not possible any more to only filter f.i. Classical or Jazz music when searching for music to stream on my Nova via Qobuz.

Anyone experiencing the same?

No, not any more, see screenshot…

Same observed here. iOS version 6.1. Uniti Atom. No genre filters.

I prefer to use the Qobuz app on my phone to select what I want to listen too.
Save as favourite, then switch to streamer app and select from favourites.

Good idea I would like to do that as well; but I use Qobuz family, on my phone is a different username/account so I can’t exchange favourites. If I would use the same account as on the Nova, the Nova stops streaming as soon as I start a stream on the phone…

You can’t use Qobuz simultaneously on more devices than your subsription allows. However, you can use their app to search, then save what you have found as a favourite which makes it easy to instantly find it on the Naim app. Then you don’t even need to play anything through the Qobuz app - or if you do, just stop it before you hit play on the Naim app and it will then still play.

There is a bug in the current release version of the IOS Naim app which means the genre icon is missing. But if you tap where it should be, then you get the dialogue and can choose your genre as usual.

I reported this bug a couple of weeks ago and Naim know about it. I am not allowed to talk about beta testing, but I will say that I really expect it to be fixed in the next release.

Has something happened to the Naim app for ios? When I choose Qobuz, I can’t sort, for example, new releases on jazz. Has the sorting function been moved?

The genre filter is back on my iOS app.
Quite happy about that!

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