So I changed my smartphone to one without a jack socket and invested in Audiotech gear to cable-connect my headphones, because Bluetooth SQ is unacceptable AFAIC.

Having downloaded the requisite app that allows me to route playback from my Qobuz access around the onboard DAC to the USB port, I belatedly found that although I could stream, I couldn’t access my “Imported” material. This was a dissappointment because I use the “Import” process for listening where there’s no Wifi - typically on flights. Only immediate fix was to revive my old LG V30 and dedicate it to Qobuz imports access. Fortunately, the old phone has a decent DAC (“Quad 32 bit”) on board.

After some email conversations with the Qobuz rep, some good news going forward:

"I hope there will be a other way in the future.

Maybe our connect app will help.

It will have a DLNA protocol and we are working on our own USB Drive to by pass the one from Android.

Sadly there are no release dates yet, but we try to improve as fast as we can."



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