Qobuz hi res via Naim app problem

When I stream a 192/24 file from Qobuz via the Naim app I get a stutter about every 10-12 seconds. Streaming the same track via Qobuz app and bluetooth to the streamer gives no problem. Also streaming other tracks at that resolution from my nas via the Naim app is no problem.
Any ideas? My internet connection speed at router is 70mbps.

Naim knows about and is working on a fix. Fully discussed on other threads. Hopefully with next firmware update when they will likely also address screen freezes as well

Many thanks for info.

I am optimistic after reading your post. My ND5XS2 has never worked properly with Qobuz and I am hoping that an update will fix that! Just call me the eternal optimist

Either you are unlucky or I’m just lucky because my ND5XS2 works perfectly with whatever Qobuz throws at it, there’s never any buffering or dropouts even with the highest resolution Qobuz files

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Mine struggles between tracks. It does not automatically advance to the next track every time. I am starting to get used to it now, but that doesn’t mean that I like it!

I used to have that problem with my nd5xs. It seemed to make a difference depending upon which play list view I used in the android naim app. One view everything worked fine, the other it stuck after each track. Might be worth trying.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have played around a bit (actually a lot) and the poor guy at Naim tech support that fielded my question probably thinks I have become a bit OCD about it. Track length is the key, short tracks will sequence on but long ones stop. The app needs two taps to start playing, the first seems to reset the album to track one (but no music) and the second one gets the next track to play. I will try different views as well, anything is worth a go.

Are you using an IPad ? On wired Ethernet ?

Hi, yes on both counts. The iPad is at the latest iOS and the ND5XS2 is wired into the router

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