Qobuz inserting gap between tracks

Has anyone else noticed this? Recently I’ve found a few albums I’ve been listening to on Qobuz, where it’s obviously adding a short break between tracks. I checked the ripped versions of the same albums to ensure that it’s not my ND555 misbehaving, but that seems fine.

I wonder if it could be caused my poor/variable (4G) download speed?

Are you using Chromecast?

No, I don’t think so, although I’m not sure what it is TBH.

Are you selecting the Qobuz album in the Qobuz app or the Naim app?

I only use the Naim app with the ND555. The only time I use the Qobuz app is on my phone when I’m away from home. Thanks.

If you are using the Naim app with your ND555 to select what to play from Qobuz then you aren’t going to be using Chromecast, so that isn’t the cause of the added gaps (Chromecast doesn’t do gapless).

Possibly. It’s hard to know for sure. But you could download or stream something from Qobuz that has the added gaps and see whether if you do it a second time, the gaps are in the same places.

Clive, I had what appeared to be some tracks when being played via Qobuz to finish slightly short and abruptly everything else was OK. Qobuz seems to be all back to normal today though ??

That’s a good idea. I’ve just done this and the first gap has appeared just before the end of the first track rather than in exactly the same place as before, which was at the very start of the second track.

This time there was no gap between tracks two and three, so I performed a speed test and right now it’s up to 5Mbps.

And now the whole track has stopped playing as the download speed has dropped to 0.47Mbps. My Qobuz subscription is due for renewal in September. I wonder if it’s worth renewing.

I have looked at the Project Gigabit website and found that there are no plans to include where we live in the Project. I shall have a go with the 4G router in the loft to see if that helps.

Thanks, Pete, but see my reply to David. Right now I can’t do any more trials because the speed has tanked.

If your download speed is very low, the streamer might be delaying the start of a track in order to top up the buffer.

Yes I think you are exactly correct with that suggestion!

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Hi Clive, that’s a shame been listening to Qobuz today excellent just wondering you said on another thread that when you ripped CDs into the Core you were struggling with metadata and artwork just wondering if this is caused by poor internet speeds and connection?

I think you might all be right. I am wondering if slow download speeds could be responsible for all my woes. The funny thing with 4G modem is that one minute I can be getting 5Mbps and a few seconds later I get this:

Presumably 4G is your only option? If so, you may be better sticking with downloads and CD rips.

Might be an idea to optimise the 4G router.

Plenty of stuff on YouTube, with instructions for fitting internal and external aerials to 4G routers.

You should be asking your ISP to sort this out. While 5MB would be regarded as unacceptable in most 3rd world countries, never mind a G7 nation, it should still just about allow you to stream music reliably. When your speed plummets to much lower levels there is obviously a fault somewhere, and your ISP should be able to troubleshoot it and provide you with a service that, while it might ridiculously slow, should at least be consistent.

Don’t think he has an ISP, he’s using 4g broadband.

He’s thinking about sticking the router in the loft. But internal and external aerials are available.

Have you thought about Starlink? It’s not cheap but it does work, although I don’t know how the higher latency would work out for streaming.

I have, yes, but as you say, it’s not cheap. IIRC £80 per month. I am in an 18 month contract with Vodafone now, so will need to honour that. Current speed is 41.1Mbps. If only it were less variable. I am going to try contacting BT about the 10Mbps universal service obligation and see where that leads.